Social Lead Generation is being ALERTED When Potential Customers Are In The Area Looking To Buy

Customers ask their networks every minute where to buy or who in the area they can get help from. Now you can be alerted when this happens and leave your competition scratching their heads.

People Want To Buy From You. They Are Looking For Something.

All you need is an easy way to know that they are out there and have it delivered to your mobile so you or your managers or salespeople can respond and drive new business through the door.

They Want You To Proactively Respond. Your Competition Is Just Posting

Now you can post your content as well as generate stuff automatically to post as well as FIND LEADS and CUSTOMERS who are actually posting about your serviceĀ and respond in minutes.

They Also Can Be Driven In When Unhappy Elsewhere

Just be alerted when a competitor gave a customer a bad experience and drive them through your door. Keep negative social posts about your business to a minimum by quickly responding.

Be Different & Stifle The Local Competition By Cherry Picking Customers Online.

This is the NEW way to drive new customers in the door. It's also the simplest form of sales. Someone posts their need and you provide the solution.

  • Complete Oversight

    Communicate with your followers and non followers through one dashboard. Post from one area to multiple sources across hundreds of locations or just one. Cherry pick customers by choosing who to drive in the door based on their posts.

  • Full Analytics

    Track employee posts, track those who you employ to do your Social Media work and what the results and engagement are in a simple to read report.

  • Customers Delivered

    Instead of throwing out a fishing line and hoping fish will bite why not get a fish finder and a big net and choose which fish to keep and which can go back to the lake? Much easier and far more effective than traditional customer generation.

Start to sniff out who is around your business looking for your services and leave your competition scratching their head.

Start Generating Leads Today