Reputation Management & Lead Generation Made Simple

Bizi360 increases call volume and customer leads to your business. It does this by giving you a full 360 view of your hard earned reputation while protecting it. At the same time you can see people who are around your business looking for your product or service and connect with them in real time.

Easily Generate New Leads For Your Business & Keep Your Reputation Intact

Generate positive reviews while keeping negative offline. Locate social media buzz around you. Own your online market and never be caught blindsided by anyone. Watch the video below to learn more.

“In 2017 it becomes critical to leverage tools to understand which customers are in the area looking to have their needs serviced. Otherwise we risk losing that revenue to the competition by simply not being aware they were there in the first place and putting our hand up. It’s pretty powerful stuff” – CEO Zezel Inc.

Make The Phone Ring. Protect Your Business Reputation. Track Competition & Generate Local Leads

Bizi360 makes the phone ring and drives new customers into your business same day. It also helps ensure your reputation is NEVER compromised by keeping you alerted and negative reviews offline.

Leave The Negative Offline. Skyrocket The Positive.

If you give people a chance to vent internally; they are 80% less likely do do it again externally. Catch negative reviews at the source before they become a problem. Give your customers a way to boost your positive reviews with 1 click.

Are you more likely to go to the Dentist with 70+ positive reviews?

Set A Radius Locally. Gather New Potential Customers & Respond. Or Your Competition Will.

You need the phone ringing and new customer walk ins. Any local business who needs to grow in 2017 needs to solve the problem of how to drive local customers in “same day” by knowing they are asking the question online in the first place. Gather leads and respond to drive up your bottom line.

Monitor Your Competition So You Can Stay One Step Ahead

It’s just smart business to ensure you know exactly HOW your top competitors affect your bottom line. Monitor them and drive their PROSPECTS to become your CUSTOMERS

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The outcome?
A solid reputation with powerful search results and more customers walking through your door.

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