Negative Review Management. Be Alerted & Respond To Anyone Saying Anything Negative (or Positive) About You

Reputation & Listings are the most important changing dynamic businesses need to track. Don't let someone else's opinion affect your walk ins.

Full Dashboard Insight 24/7 & Mobile Report Delivery

You need to be ALERTED when someone says something about you. Better yet keep it from ever appearing online in the first place.

  • Easy To View Dashboards

    Login from anywhere and view your Digital Doorway to the world in one place. Never be caught blindsided ever again. Daily/Weekly/Monthly reports are delivered to your mobile including leads from Twitter if you wish.

  • Complete Listings

    Understand and see who has you listed on their websites across hundreds of directories and sites.  Correct their listings if inaccurate and ensure they are helping your business and not hurting it.

  • Generate Positive Reviews

    Generate positive reviews from happy customers that turn into a public post for life.  This also boosts your reputation with Google and the others so they will ensure you are a preferred result.

Generate positive reviews easily and never let the negative affect your business again.

With Bizi360 Reputation you will be alerted when a Negative, Positive or Neutral review is written ANYWHERE.  This includes sites you may have never heard of.  Remember it's not about what you know.  It's about what you don't know and how to find out before it affects your reputation.

  • Alerts About Anything Being Said

    Understand and respond accordingly to positive, negative and neutral reviews online.  View a simple list of EVERY site that has you listed on their website.

  • Integrate Reviews With Your Social

    Good reviews deserve to be shared. Once shared this is a potential marketing link for life.  People will buy from you once they see that others had a good experience.

  • Keep Negative Reviews Offline

    People love to get behind their keyboard and turn on the megaphone. Try to catch as many unhappy customers or “hard to satisfy” customers before they become public.